Skeletons on Parade: Passing Down Your Unique or Shameful Family History

Admit it. Your closet is just full as everyone else’s. Hidden away in the dark, dusty corners lurk row upon row of skeletons, lined up, waiting to jump out and frighten anybody who takes a look inside. Of course these aren’t literal skeletons. I’m talking about the “skeletons” we keep in our “closets” – those secret family stories from past generations and even our own regrets hidden away. We try to forget about them, but that’s usually impossible. In the end, we’re the ones who feel frightened, lonely, and sad.

You might know and love the family member who is the cause for these intensely personal and sometimes scary stories, or it might have been someone whose actions several generations ago are still spoken about in hushed tones. When you consider that your life story is made up of the life stories from all of your ancestors, though, you’ll find that opening the door and shining the light on these skeletons helps...

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