Unleash Your Life Stories to

Cultivate, Clarify, and Connect Them!


Finally figure out how to get your memories out of your head, and understand the many ways to share the nuggets of wisdom that are your life stories. Start creating your story during the course!


Your Stories are Powerful!

Life stories come from the heart...

...but they're not all rainbows and unicorns. They have gems of hard-won wisdom that need to be mined, carved, and polished into beautiful works of art. 

That process begins here!  

I created this course specifically for ALL life storytellers, not just published authors and professional writers.

I WANT IN! Give me access, please!

Are you curious about discovering your powerful stories? 

You know you've got stories to tell, but how do you get them out of your head and into the world? Is it really worth it?  Are there consequences? Which path should you take?

What you really want is to...

Cultivate Your Stories

Actually discover that you DO have life stories that need to be told. No more saying, "No one wants to hear my stories." Your stories can heal. Dig into even tough stories and embrace them, so you gain power and boost your psychological and emotional well-being too! 

Clarify Your Stories

We all have regrets. Sometimes our lives, and our stories, are a mess. That's OK! We'll decipher what they mean, clarify the wisdom you've learned, craft that mess into an insightful, cohesive story. Turn your tough stories into something you're proud of...even if you never share with anyone.

Connect Your Stories

You, and your stories, are part of the larger world. Our hearts yearn for meaning. You want your stories to have significance. They WILL have impact...if you let them. This means connecting your stories so others can use your insights to help them to heal, learn, and grow.

Start working on your stories during the course!

This course checks all those boxes!


Life Story Challenge Course


25+ consultants, storytellers, and coaches will guide you to cultivate your life stories, clarify those stories, and know how to connect your stories in a meaningful way.

It's not about being a "writer" or "author"...

It's about being an authentic storyteller. Good news...Anyone can learn!


Wondering whether you have stories to tell...if they're interesting enough, if you should even create them

Unable to start or finish your life stories and want some guidance from people who've been there

Not sure what you'd get out of unraveling your stories and are curious about the process and step by step methods

Feeling creative and want to make storytelling easy...and be able to enjoy the process along the way

Looking to understand the psychological, emotional, and  (yes) physical gifts of life storytelling

Ready to express yourself in ways you've never imagined with self-confidence using your stories


Whatever it is for you...


It's time to unleash your story, your power and your purpose!

This is for me! I want in, please!


Hi Life Storytellers! I'm Stacy Brookman, a Resilience and Life Storytelling expert. 

People leverage me to unleash their stories and discover their hard-won wisdom, so they can command their personal power and emerge resilient and joyful. I do that by helping them write their tough stories so they gain clarity from their life lessons and have power to feel confident in themselves again. 

I believe that life is a story...and it's never too late to start telling yours. 

Not Your Average Online Course


There are a lot of courses, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this course was created specifically for ALL life storytellers, not just published authors and professional writers.

Every single presentation is designed to explore the diverse aspects of this exciting niche.


✒ Nowhere else will you find learning + action + connection in one course!


✒ Nowhere else will you find the impact that you were uniquely designed to make in the world


✒ Nowhere else will you find these powerful speakers gathered together to speak to your experiences, your stories, and your desire to have personal truths be acknowledged and told

The Life Story Challenge Course is Sponsored by: 

The Speakers


And now the part you've been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you'll hear from inside the Life Story Challenge Course...

Stacy Brookman
Writing as Self-Expression

Kimberly Pereira
Recast Yourself to Become the Hero of Your Story

Faust Ruggiero
Writing the Pandemic: Transitioning to a Better Life

Ann Bernard
Benefits of First Time Storytelling

Larvetta Latasha Loftin
Undertanding the Art of Storytelling

Mike Ganino
Stories in the Spotlight: Take Center Stage to Create Meaning

Emily Baker
Harness the Power of Imagination to Write Your Future Story

Tracy Winchell
Reboot Your Personal Story Through Journaling

Eric Christiansen
From Trauma to Hope: Life Changing Storytelling

Erin Jourdan Berrios
The Science-Backed Benefits of Writing Your Story

Jeff Leisawitz
How to Write Your Stories to be Seen, Expressed, Healed, and Connected

Jackie Camacho Ruiz
Having a Flight Plan For Your Story

Calvin Niles
How to Unlock the Narrator Within

Barbara Condron
How Dreams Affect Your Waking Life and Story

Denis Ledoux
Your Effective Memoir Launch

Brian Bogert
How Your Pain Story Can Create Success

Elaine & Charles Sanger
Best Kept Secrets for Turning Your Story Into a Book

Jennifer Sanchez
Telling Your Story Today Will Change Your Tomorrow

Geo Derice
Truly U - The Art Finding Your Voice

Emma Fulenwider
Family History - Your Story Inheritance

Faith James
Your Life Story is Rocket Fuel for Your Personal Brand

Dr. Carol Perlman
It's About Time: Creating the Habit of Writing Consistently

Tara Alemany
Writing With Purpose Before Publishing

Ethel Lee-Miller
Boundaries: Deciding Who Gets to Hear Your Story

Renee' Bibby
Getting Yourself Excited About Writing...Every Time

Katherine Kennedy
Turning Your Story Into a TED Talk

Lani Peterson
Healing Stories That Keep Us Smaller Than We Need To Be 

Patricia Charpentier
Micro-Memoir and Other Ways to Write Short

Brenda Joyce Patterson
Your Life in Verse: Using Poetry to Tell Your Story

Kristin Pedemonti
Mending the Broken: How to Apply Kintsugi to Your Life

OMG! With this lineup, you definitely DON'T want to miss this opportunity.

YES! I want to get started!


  • Top 10 life storytelling books...and why you'd want them
  • Top 10 impactful TED talks for storytellers
  • Life Storytelling Toolkit

PLUS, a private, active Life Storytelling Facebook group!



- Stop ruminating about your stories and finally get them out of your head...with joy

- Understand all the unique ways to tell your stories as a way to share your hard-won wisdom

- Have confidence to use your life stories as a means of self-expression...and healing


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