Discover and Implement the wisdom you've learned from your tough life experiences

in less than 90 days

[without worrying if you're good enough,

smart enough, or have enough time]

If you’ve experienced a tough relationship,

been stuck in a cycle of crazy,

or ever felt depleted and broken,

and you're looking to become more joyful and resilient while healing from your tough stories...

...then you already know that you need to get those stories out of your head and onto paper.

So I'll spare you the spiel.

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something you've already wished for.

After all, you probably KNOW that you'd like to be more authentic, you'd like to celebrate your resilience, and be thrilled with who you are.

You've probably also seen the research that writing out your tough stuff is one of the most mentally, physically, and psychologically HEALTHY things you can possibly do for yourself.




Whether you've already moved on and put the past behind you, building a new life for yourself [way to go!], or you're still struggling and wondering, "How in the world did I get here?"...

...writing out your tough life stories, in a specific way, leaves you feeling confident and truly authentic. It's the missing factor in our lives.

Writing your tough stories can:

  • Give you the courage to do what needs to be done

    Are you ready to take back control, stop waffling on what to do, and have help figuring this out? Once you start writing down "all the things" you realize it's simpler than you expected to find that courage and move forward with confidence.
  • Allow you to emerge resilient and be who you truly are, and who you want to be

    Maybe you realize that no one has really fought for you. You're embarrassed or ashamed of who you've become and how far you've let things slip. Don't be! It's completely normal in these tough circumstances. Writing will help you pick up the pieces of who you truly are and wanted to be and rebuild a beautiful, resilient you to be proud of.
  • Gain clarity on how you even got into that situation in the first place...and how to recover

    Oh yeah, the question you keep asking yourself..."How in the world did I get here?" You're not alone. I asked that too, once I saw the magnitude of the situation I was in. Every single person I know who's written their stories has said that it brought them incredible CLARITY they didn't even realize they  needed....including clarity on how to recover.
  • Stop feeling foolish for your past mistakes

    Go from being embarrassed and powerless amidst the ashes of your relationship to feeling confident and truly authentic. This community of life storytellers will show you that you're far from alone. You're amongst others who were also love bombed, and hooked into an unhealthy relationship. 
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-worth

    This. This is the best benefit of all for writing your life stories. You deserve to become the person you were truly meant to be. Writing your stories is a fabulous way to explore where you've been and where you want to go.

Even though the reason to overcome tough relationships is clear, the path to actually doing it is anything but.


But where the heck do I start?


Perhaps you've followed conventional wisdom and tried to "just get over it."

You've blocked those bad times from your mind - hoping they never pop back up.

If you're lucky, you've not made any contact with the people involved in that tough time in your life. You've blocked them from your phone and social media.

But even with the best intentions of "moving on" and rebuilding your life, most people get sidelined by their pain from the past at some point.

And they often get trapped in a cycle of regret.


Here's why most people get stuck:

They don't know how to excavate their stories from the past and gain control over them.

They feel powerless to change the past. 


Here's why that's holding them (and maybe you) back:

As a smart, outwardly-confident person, you can't afford to show "weakness".

The moment that armor cracks, you feel it will be impossible to pick up the pieces.

Therefore, gaining power over your story is critical to becoming inwardly-confident. 

And you NEED to get this right in order to build on the progress you've already made. 

It's no surprise that most people with tough life stories are barely hanging in there, trying to get by...not realizing there is more joy to be found and more resilience waiting just around the corner.

In all likelihood, you're one of those people who want what's around the corner. You desire the joy of wielding power over your stories rather than being afraid of them.  

Which means...

This is a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up that mess of a back story, and truly heal from that ugly past.

That is...if you can brave the obstacles that have daunted others.

The 5 Reasons Why Most People Fail to Get Past Their Tough Stories

Reason 1

They underestimate the need to embrace tough stories from their past

(Plus, they're not leveraging their stories to create wisdom and resilience)

See, most people try to sweep their ugly stories under the carpet, ignoring them, completely missing the benefits of leveraging those stories.

If you lived through them, you deserve to use them to your greatest advantage. You can mine those stories for wisdom that you’ve learned but haven’t yet implemented (because it’s been hidden). It may not feel like it yet, but your tough stories have brought about a resilience that no one can touch.

When you turn TO your stories to embrace them, instead of running FROM them, your future self will thank you.

It’s time to respect your tough stories for what they are…a gold mine of wisdom and resilience.

Reason 2

They are afraid they'll find out they're at fault in some way

(Even if they were young, or the victim of a manipulative person)

This idea is so deep, most people don’t realize they believe this. When tough stuff happens to us as children, it’s completely natural to believe that we could have prevented it.

Psychologists know that in kids' minds, the world revolves around them. And that includes harm of any kind. It's common, magical thinking that if we had just done X, Y, or Z, that wouldn’t have happened. Then we take those thoughts and internalize them as we grow up, but continue to psychologically beat ourselves up for the situation.

As adults, we’re sometimes manipulated into terrible circumstances. Looking back, we think: “How in the world did I get into that situation?

We blame ourselves for letting our morals slip or for lowering our values, when in reality we were being preyed upon and played for a fool. That doesn’t feel good. It feels like we should have done something to help ourselves.

Writing uncovers those thought-errors, revealing aha’s that will bring joy back into your heart.

Uncovering those tough stories brings incredible clarity about who’s really at fault so you can move forward with the self-compassion you deserve.

Reason 3

Everyone tells them to "forget it and just move on"

(Or worse, “forgive and forget”)

Forgive and forget doesn’t work. I know why people think that. We’re taught from an early age that no matter what someone does, you should minimize it, accept apology after apology, stop being selfish by calling out your hurt.

This doesn’t really help the bully, abuser, or difficult person. And it further hurts you, the sufferer. It leaves unresolved conflict, causes underlying anxious thoughts, and throws a cloak of fear around future interactions with people.  

 “Forgetting” the tough stories in your life, and trying to move on without processing them, injures your self-worth.

In order to honor yourself, you must be true to your stories…not minimize them. Call them out for what they are, and be authentic so you can heal.

Reason 4

They're not sure writing can help them heal

(Because they don’t even look at the research studies)

To many people, healing means seeing a physician, or therapist, or simply “toughing it out”. Some even turn to Google to find answers for the difficult questions that’ve been burning inside of them.

They don’t realize that the innate wisdom they’ve learned from going through their tough stuff is often enough to help them heal – from the inside out.

Life storytelling has been dubbed the “two-minute miracle” by researchers. Science-backed studies have proven numerous psychological, emotional, and physical benefits of writing about tough times in your life. It’s one of the most effective ways to heal emotional scars, and it’s readily available to you 24/7!

Writing brings self-healing and joy into your life.

Reason 5

They fret that writing is hard or boring

(Or they don’t enjoy writing)

Many people envision grammar rules and their dreaded 8th grade English class when they think of writing. Or they remember spending hours researching boring essays, eking out word after painful word.

Life storytelling isn’t like that at all!

You’ve lived your life, so your stories are inside of you somewhere. With specific prompts and an easy writing formula, getting those stories out of your head and onto paper (or computer) is incredibly easy…and (dare I say) FUN!

And guess what…grammar and spelling don’t matter! You have the power to say what’s good and what isn’t. You gain control over your own story – no one else. (Oh, and you can dictate your story instead of writing if you really want to!)

Life storytelling isn’t about the writing, it’s about getting those stories out of your head and out of your way, so you can heal.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though most people underestimate the need to EMBRACE their tough stories, there are a few who dive right in.

These wise souls gain HUGE insights into themselves and their past, while others who don't embrace their stories continue to struggle internally.

These wise souls find out they're NOT AT FAULT for their past, no matter what they've told themselves. They've found the freedom that telling their life stories brings.

They've ignored the conventional wisdom that says "forget it and just move on."

The little secret...writing can help you heal and become whole again.

It's actually THRILLING to wield control over your past as you control the words that make up your stories.

The key ingredient to all of this is writing your life stories.

And with your permission, that's what I'd love to show you how to do.

Here's what alumni of my programs have to say about the benefits of working with me...


"This made me stronger and wiser. Each lesson is packed with crucial information! Thankfully, I am now armed with new insight. I have decided to continue healing. This information and the lessons I've learned will help me on my healing journey. Thank you!"

Sandy J.

"I have answers. I have hope. I have solutions to keep on healing. Stacy, you are such a loving, caring person to put this together. The information is priceless! You are helping me to heal. My gut has turned from fear to courage. I stand up straighter. This has empowered me beyond my expectations."

Beverly B.




Lifestory Laboratory

Leveraging your tough experiences and hard-won wisdom to boost your resilience

Your Expert Guide: Stacy Brookman

Why am I an expert guide? Because I have lived my own tough story.

Years ago, I unwittingly married a sociopath. After ten soul-crushing years of marriage, I discovered evidence of his infidelity on our computer. Then, he vowed to ruin me, take the house, take the kids. Trash my reputation.

This nightmare played out for three years!

After living through this, how did I regain my strength and sense of self?

By writing my stories out.

In the act of writing my stories down, I realized that I had grown up without really learning how to advocate for myself. That made me codependent, and more vulnerable to predators such as my sociopath ex-husband. 

Armed with this knowledge, I was able to pick myself up and set off on my life path a stronger and wiser woman.

I have since made it my mission to help others who have faced similar situations to use writing as a tool to overcome their negative feelings and glean the knowledge and strength they can from it.

I’m confident that the act of writing your tough stories down can help you transform your life, just as it has for me. 

Even better, you won’t be doing it alone

You will join a community of warriors who have been through similar battles, all seeking healing and resilience in the act of getting their stories down, not just trying to shove them into a dark corner of their minds.

This moderated community will be a safe space to float ideas, share your deepest tragedies (or not, your choice), and get help with overcoming mental barriers along the way.

With these newfound friends at your back, how can you not succeed in your mission to find resilience?


  1.  Shows you how to embrace your tough stories as the source of your resilience
  2. Uncovers and corrects faulty thinking to allow joy back to your heart
  3. Helps you to honor yourself by being true to your stories, allowing you to truly heal
  4. Assists you in reaping the psychological, emotional, and physical benefits of writing about your tough times
  5. Makes pulling the stories out of your head fun and non-intimidating

So if you’re ready to finally heal from your heartbreaking past while avoiding worries about whether you’re good enough, smart enough, or have enough time...

Here's how we'll help you get there:

Module 1

Boost Your Brain With the Science of Resilience and Writing

In this module, you’ll discover the beautiful journey you’re about to embark on, understand why digging into the past is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and begin finding your life theme...which may surprise you.

Module Highlights:

  • Understand WHY going back helps you move forward - The compelling science behind writing to heal, because virtually no one escapes childhood without some emotional scars.
  • Finding your life theme exercise - Writing your life stories is a way to literally take control of your own stories.
  • Using tough stories to build strength - Understand the four steps in allowing your tough life stories to build resilience and strength.
  • How can you tell your stories if you're not a writer? Discover the process of writing your stories and what the end-game is.
  • Why are stories so effective? Our brains are wired for story, here's your chance to think about your life in story
  • Discovery: Finding your WHY - for once, "I don't know" is acceptable.
  • Health benefits of writing - in case you weren't convinced, here's more evidence.
  • Meet your fellow life storytellers and get feedback in our community Slack channel.
Module 2

Embrace Your Stories, Part 1

In this module, you’ll get started collecting stories and begin writing the foundational words that you’ll use to build stories. You’ll start discovering the beautiful, messy words that are inside of you.

Module Highlights:

  • Mining your past - how to learn from your stories, using your stories to make yourself wiser, learning lessons you haven't put to use yet.
  • Easiest way to lay the foundation - Freewriting is the simple way to get a ton of words on paper...and they shouldn't be pretty.
  • Discovering your stories - completing your life theme exercise and discovering why you're putting stories on paper.
  • Story tracker - Your words should be chaotic now, but tracking your stories will be helpful later on.
  • What your reader will feel - what would you like your imaginary reader to feel and do after reading your stories? This provides deep insight into your own motivation.
  • Course Guide to keep track of your progress through the course. I just love a good checklist, don't you?
Module 3

Embrace Your Stories, Part 2

In this module you’ll gain experience freewriting, understand what to do when you don’t remember your stories, and continue to build the foundational words your stories will come from.

Module Highlights:

  • Digging without a map - your memory isn't perfect and you don't have to worry about every detail or what you don't remember (plus tips on remembering more).
  • Origins of our stories - how we operate in the world as adults is affected by what we experienced in childhood and the agreements we made with ourselves at the time.
  • Permission granted to feel and to heal - There's a science to writing to heal. You've got to give yourself permission to understand self-care while bringing up tough stories and have a plan when heavy memories arise.
  • What to do about worry - Don't worry about the quality of your writing or the quantity, why your writing should be ugly, fierce, and messy right now.
  • How to organize your writing life (because if you're like me, your writing is all over the digital place); here's a solution for that.
  • Finding time to write - the #1 reasons writers don't write:  We're going to conquer this!
Module 4

Enable Your Stories Part 1

In this module we’re going to start shaping your stories with amazing insights. We're taking that raw story and adding details that will make it more attractive. This is where you add in sensory details and emotions.

Module Highlights:

  • Digging into the details - Understand how to easily excavate the small details in your stories and discover how to create  a great "scene" that makes any story fascinating.
  • Writing your emotions - Emotions are perfectly fine while writing, but how do you put that INTO your writing. We've got you covered here.
  • Discovering who you were and who you are now - Along the way, you may discover new things about yourself. These discoveries will help you be more compassionate to YOU and play a part in your resilience.
  • Story 101 - These are the basic elements of story that we can incorporate into our stories as we write.
  • Capturing the details around you - How to become a more observant person and learn how to recognize and capture those details in the moment.
Module 5

Enable Your Stories Part 2

In this module, you’ll learn how to use your stories to make your future self wiser and more resilient by digging out the lessons learned, get through the tough stuff by forgiving yourself and others, as well as build a more detailed and enticing story.

Module Highlights:

  • Forgiving yourself and others - Understand how we talk to ourselves and blame ourselves for things that are not our fault. PLUS, forgiving others doesn't mean condoning their actions. 
  • Learning lessons you didn't want - There is wisdom and diamonds in the coal of our past. Let's find those jewels!
  • Show don't tell - This is a wayyyy better method to writing in order to bring the reader into your story rather than simply telling it.
  • Dialogue in story - Dialogue makes a story more interesting and complete, but it doesn't have to be exact. 
  • Truth in memoir - Exactly how truthful do you need to be? Your version of the truth likely differs from others. What should you do about this? PLUS, creative ways to tell truths without hurting others.
Module 6

Enhance Your Stories Part 1

Enhancing your stories is all about crafting the story into a readable, beautiful collection of scenes that read like a novel. It’s making them presentable to the public (if you wish to share; you don’t have to). We’re now starting to pull all the ugly freewrites into a cohesive narrative that makes sense.

Module Highlights:

  • Finding your story in your stories - reflecting back on the life theme you initially started with, discovering the underlying story within your stories, and finding out what your true story is revealing.
  • Make your story exciting - Many elements play a part in making your story exciting. As you develop ideas, take some of these for a spin.
  • Story arc and character arc - Ratchet up the tension (and the excitement) with story arcs. It's not complicated once you have the formula.
  • The editing process - Easier than you think! Take three simple passes to simplify the whole editing process and make your writing sound much more professional.
  • Deeper editing - The ninja tips you need to dig into developmental editing and revisions.
  • Cliché and vocabulary - Using bright, descriptive language in your stories brings out the best in them and makes for exciting reading.
  • Plan of action - Which method will you use to tell your tale? Let's review what's available to you.
  • Your writing workflow - How you can get into your own workflow, stay organized and produce multiple stories each week.
Module 7

Enhance Your Stories Part 2

Now that you know the basics of editing, what are other ways to enhance your stories to make them into beautiful pieces of art? Here you’ll learn advanced story techniques.

Module Highlights:

  • Advanced story concepts - Characters, point of view, plot, setting, and resolution. These will help you think through crafting your story  more deeply and effectively.
  • Literary devices in storytelling - Want to think in metaphor? Let's break down some literary devices and how they can boost your stories.
  • Write, rewrite, and cut - Productive ways to hone your story to razor sharpness and polish it to perfection.
  • How's your backstory - Too much background material isn't healthy for a story, but you've got to convey it somehow. Here's the best way to decide what to put in or keep out.
  • Characters and characterization - Get your characters into and out of your story using the literary device of characterization.
  • Periodic table of life storytelling elements - See the full range of elements that a story can encompass and try out a few.
Module 8

Elevate Your Stories Part 1

Now that you know you can create beautiful stories out of your past, it’s time to start thinking about elevating them. This means to elevate their visibility in the world, elevate them in usefulness and in service to other people by sharing your wisdom.

Module Highlights:

  • Why share the pain - Yes, some of your stories are ugly and traumatic. So why should you share them anyway? The answer depends on your humanity.
  • Polish your story for publication - Understand what you need to know beyond editing. Polishing it up before submitting to publications.
  • Establishing an author platform - Guest presenter Kathryn McClatchy, an author platform coach, social media manager, and creative nonfiction author, shares why you need an author platform and the three most important things you should start with.
  • Connecting with your audience as an author - One of the main reasons to share is the connection with others who have similar experiences...and share your wisdom. By now, you've distilled that wisdom. Here's the best way to connect, and help, others if you choose to do so.
Module 9

Elevate Your Stories Part 2

Let’s take that elevation to a new level. It’s time to start crafting publishable snippets and submitting your stories to get them out into the world. Bravo for getting this far!

Module Highlights:

  • Art of the personal essay - This is an amazing way to share your wisdom, your philosophy, and parts of your story.
  • Multiple ways to share your stories - There are ways to share your stories that you may not have thought of. Let's explore and get excited about things "other than a memoir."
  • Earning an income from your stories - Can you really earn money for your stories? Of course! Let's dig into this topic.
  • Social media for story writers - Start making changes to your social media to support your writing and position yourself as a writer and author.
  • Minimalist stories - Have fun and try your hand at engaging your stories to distill some of them into the smallest effective fraction. 
Module 10

Graduation and Extra Perks

You made it! I’m so proud of you! The adventure of capturing your life stories is life-changing. This isn’t the end, though. Let’s talk about next steps.

Module Highlights:

  • What's next? There is definitely life beyond this course. Discover your next steps here.
  • Navigate the world of publishing is confusing. Guest presenters, and publishers, Elaine and Charles Sanger lay out the options for authors to wisely choose self-publishing or traditional publishing.
  • Elaine and Charles will also help you develop and manage your book project and create a realistic plan to guide you to the final goal of seeing your book in print.
  • Celebrate your wins - No matter how many stories you've written, you have some amazing wins. Let's honor them!

Best Kept Writing Secrets

We keep your bonus goodies in this vault...including some things that we've never revealed before. Including:

  • Birth stories
  • Family heritage stories
  • ...and more!

The Lifestory Laboratory "Life is Good" Guarantee

I am confident that writing out your tough life stories with Lifestory Laboratory can change your life for the better.

Therefore, I stand behind Lifestory Laboratory with a 30-day money back guarantee.

However, you must be willing to put in the work required to see results.

In the 30 days from when you purchase the course, dive into the materials and give it your best shot.

Dig into the bonus life storytelling resources. Seek feedback from your peers on the Slack community.

Ask questions as they come up. Be open to the experience. Invest your time in the course as you have invested your money.

If in 30 days you have truly made your best effort in getting the most out of Lifestory Laboratory and find that you are not getting benefit from this course, contact me for a refund. Be prepared to show proof of your work in the course. No time-wasters, please.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Lifestory Laboratory - $1,997 Value

  • 1 year Membership in our Life Storytelling Slack community where you can connect with peers and get feedback - $450 Value
  • The Art of Remembering to Forget: Why Write a Story You Never Want to Publish mini course - $47 Value
  • Ultimate List of Life Storytelling Resources That You Can't Live Without - $300 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2,794

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our top students ask
before enrolling in Lifestory Laboratory

I understand your fear. I had the same fear, but this isn't necessarily for publication - it's for your own healing. I'll teach you how to write well (and in an exciting, messy way), and how to edit....or you can get an editor if you intend to publish at a later date. It's your choice!

Remember that everyone in our Slack community is there for a similar reason: they all have lived through and are now trying to process tough stuff in their lives. Many have likely been in your shoes. They are conquering their personal, painful stories, too! This community provides a safe space for you to share your story and give you compassionate and helpful feedback. With that being said, you do not have to share your stories at all to benefit from this course. This course (and the Slack community) will help you with the mechanics, the emotions, the psychology, and the essentials to keep you moving forward whether you choose to share your stories inside or not.

Absolutely not. It is essential to take a thoughtful look at even the most painful parts of life in order to learn about ourselves and to process the pain so we can let it go.

That's why I include the scientific studies behind it...so you understand exactly why this is beneficial!

You can. But writing your stories will add a new dimension to your processing of what has happened to you, and your understanding of yourself. Don’t you want to give yourself the best chance of regaining your sense of self and your confidence?

Good question. Everyone gets stuck sometime. :) Not to worry! The Slack community will be a great sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of, and you can always contact us inside of Slack with course-related questions. This community is created to keep you moving forward, so be sure to let us know when you get stuck.

As soon as you purchase, you get immediate access to the first module. Which is great because it is front-loaded with all kinds of goodies, like the science behind writing tough stories, resources, course guide, your first exercise, and more!

After that, we will all begin Module 2 together as a cohort to keep folks in a semi-cohesive group. Each Monday a new module will be released.

If you're not done with the previous week, no worries. We have built-in catch-up weeks, pause a week for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and pick back up. We anticipate being done by the end of January.

I know this is an amazing step for you. This is why I have the Lifestory Laboratory “Life Is Good” Guarantee. I believe this program can be transformative if you commit to giving it your time and attention. If you do this and, after 30 days, you have truly made your best effort in getting the most out of Lifestory Laboratory and find that you are not getting benefit from this course, contact me for a refund.

You bet! Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Lifestory Laboratory - $1,997 Value

  • 1 year Membership in our Life Storytelling Slack community where you can connect with peers and get feedback - $450 Value
  • The Art of Remembering to Forget: Why Write a Story You Never Want to Publish mini course - $47 Value
  • Ultimate List of Life Storytelling Resources That You Can't Live Without - $300 Value

Total Value: $2,794


But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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3 Monthly Payments of




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Lifestory Laboratory is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You’ve been through a tough relationship or other tough spots in your life and are looking for next steps
  2. You’ve tried some other methods and are ready to try writing instead (or in addition)
  3. You’re longing for a way to debrief your traumatic stories without overburdening your family or friends
  4. You’ve invested time with a therapist talking things over, but you still want more 
  5. You’re fearful of telling your story out loud, but you know you need to get the thoughts and memories out of your head somehow 
  6. You’re excited to start the next chapter of your life, with a renewed confidence in yourself and a new awareness of what your challenges have taught you.
  7. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and examine your tough relationship to mine the lessons out of the ashes

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Lifestory Laboratory!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Lifestory Laboratory - $1,997 Value

  • 1 year Membership in our Life Storytelling Slack community where you can connect with peers and get feedback - $450 Value
  • The Art of Remembering to Forget: Why Write a Story You Never Want to Publish mini course - $47 Value
  • Ultimate List of Life Storytelling Resources That You Can't Live Without - $300 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2,794

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