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Over 45 of the most powerful speakers in the fields of therapy, health, finances, law, resources, resilience, and recovery...helping participants rebuild a beautiful life in spite of tough relationships.
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Do any of these sound familiar?


↠You never know if your significant other is going to come home as Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde

↠ You feel your situation isn’t healthy but not sure how to turn it around

↠You’re constantly searching for more information about your difficult marriage or situation

↠You’ve exited a bad relationship but still feel stuck or frustrated and can’t move on

↠You sometimes ask yourself “How in the world did I get to this point in my relationship?”

↠ You’ve “lost yourself” and are simply existing at the whim of your partner or ex

I'm so glad you found this summit!

In these videos you'll learn to:

⇛ Confirm whether you’ve really been emotionally abused or not

⇛ Identify emotional abuse by learning the warning signs and abuse patterns — and learn how to get out of a relationship before abuse starts.

⇛ Understand types of abusers (like narcissists and sociopaths) and strategies for dealing with abuse tactics like gaslighting, projection and triangulation

⇛ Recognize your mind and body’s response to trauma


⇛ Reconcile your religious beliefs with your abuse recovery

⇛ Share your story and handle others’ reactions appropriately

⇛ Let go and deal with the anger pent up from your situation

⇛ Survive the present, gain clearer thinking and the courage you need to move forward with your life


⇛ Use practical solutions to find your next steps

⇛ Determine when and if you need to go to a shelter, and what to expect

⇛ Help friends and family understand what you’ve been through

Heal from psychological and narcissistic abuse

⇛ Banish that dark, sad feeling that has become an intrinsic part of your being

⇛ Find that there is so much left for you to do and accomplish…all with a lighter spirit


⇛ ...and so much more!

It would cost over $50,000 to bring in all of these experts to your hometown. It would cost thousands of dollars to get this insider knowledge in therapy.


"Find the money, make the time, sit down and listen, even if you can only listen while you are doing other tasks (working, cleaning, folding laundry, etc.), you will still gain information. Get some earbuds, login to a web browser incognito and get busy changing your life. You will not regret the investment!"

Jen B

"Invest in your mental health. This summit helps you understand the craziness that was your reality, really does not have to be. For me, it's worth skipping a week's worth of groceries to learn this stuff."

Casey A

"I feel like this was the most time and cost-efficient way to consult with so many experts. How long would it have taken me to find, contact and read all these experts’ insights?"

Megan R


I can’t wait for you to absorb what each of these speakers have to share with you. My goal is for you to have an ACTION PLAN for how to move forward.


You could stay stuck thinking about that tough relationship, continuing to beat yourself up, allowing someone else to shame you, belittle you, and make you wonder what you did wrong.


You could arm yourself with the knowledge you need to give yourself COURAGE and RESILIENCE to do what you need to do.


Whatever future choices you make, you will know how to give yourself compassion, self-care, and continue in the rebuilding process knowing that you aren’t crazy.

Who is it for?

This summit is for anyone who's currently in a tough relationship or has been in the past.

For anyone who's curious, trying to find out what’s happened in that tough relationship.

For anyone who wants to rebuild their life, feel better about themselves, and step into the life they were meant to have.

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Including Bonus: 5 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Life is in Serious Chaos and You Can't See Your Way Out

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Lifetime Access To All Videos

Including Bonus: 5 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Life is in Serious Chaos and You Can't See Your Way Out

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Free download: 5 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Life is in Serious Chaos and You Can’t See Your Way Out.

Serious chaos can mean something different for each person — but it almost always involves a traumatic event.

Whether you find yourself or a loved one facing a life-threatening diagnosis, a broken relationship, or the news you'd never expected to hear, you might be in the middle of one of the hardest seasons of your life.

Learning how to stay calm through the chaos can be a difficult life lesson — but one that is vital for helping you to find the future you were meant to live.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to go through the summit?
  • It’s completely up to you. You can watch one per day, you can binge watch over a couple of days, you can spend 30 minutes every morning and get as far as you can, or you can even pick the top 5 videos with topics specific to your needs and focus on those. Pick a lunch time a few times a week to educate yourself. You can go as slow or as fast as you like. You have permanent access.


  • What if I can’t watch them all?
  • You have access to these resources permanently. It’s OK if you go slow. Each of the videos is unique and even topics that do not have immediate impact on you may be valuable down the road. I know that whichever videos you watch will be massively beneficial and actionable.


  • My partner is at home and sees what’s on my computer, how can I access the videos?
  • Understood. Mine did too. Since all the videos are online, you can access them from virtually any device you can get online with: a friend’s computer, one from your work, or the library. You can even access it on your phone if you know it will be safe. Set up a “study date” or “class” you need to attend each week. Feel free to send me an email if you need to switch access logins: [email protected]

  • How long will I have access?
  • Permanently! Feel free to watch a few and then take a break and come back when you're ready for the next batch. You will have access this year, next year, and beyond. The information in this summit is universal to healing from this tough stuff and rebuilding your life.

  • There are so many topics, where do I start?
  • Great question! I recommend starting wherever your biggest pain point is right now. Are you navigating court? Are you trying to free yourself and can't figure out your next step? Have you left and need to rebuild your life? Review the titles and pick one that interests you. Perhaps make a list of 5 or 10 of them that pique your interest and then you can listen as you have spare time. 

  • Do you offer discounts for groups?
  • I do offer licensing for shelters and other organizations to bring this valuable information to the people who need it.

  • Can I share this with a friend?
  • While I'd love for your friend to purchase the summit as well (because that's what helps me pay for the expenses to keep bringing you amazing content like this), I don't want that to stop you from sharing this with someone who really needs it. Especially if you're a friend or family member of someone who's been effected by emotional abuse and who is unable to pay, please do share.

  • How long are the videos?
  • Each interview is packed full of valuable information. There's no fluff! The videos run between 20 and 40 minutes each. Feel free to start and pause each video when you need to, or even listen or watch on 1.25 speed.

  • Will I get to interact with others in similar situations?
  • Inside the summit we do not offer interaction. However, I have an Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience Private Facebook group where you can connect with other people in similar situations, and even some of these speakers are active inside the group. You can ask to join the group here (be sure to answer all the questions): https://www.facebook.com/groups/EmotionalAbuseResilience/

  • My situation is strange/unusual/unique...no one will understand. Will this help me?
  • You'd be surprised at how universal the details of emotional abuse are. You will find reflected in these videos many, many different scenarios and how people have escaped and recovered their lives. No matter how unusual you feel your situation is, I would count on hearing something that resonates with you from our speakers.

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Here’s the full lineup of speakers and topics:

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All 47 expert interviews are included, PLUS the bonus download: 5 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Life is in Serious Chaos and You Can’t See Your Way Out

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One Time

Lifetime Access To All Videos

Including Bonus: 5 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Life is in Serious Chaos and You Can't See Your Way Out

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Lifetime Access To All Videos

Including Bonus: 5 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Life is in Serious Chaos and You Can't See Your Way Out

>> Oh yeah! I Want This Now <<

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