The Art of Remembering to Forget:

Why Write a Story You Never Want to Publish


Why Write a Story You Never Want to Publish?

To learn your hard-won wisdom!

A simple one-day course with 4 lessons encouraging you to write about your tough life stories....even though you'd never publish them. We've all experienced traumatic events in our lives. Writing your stories is one of the best ways to get beyond your tough stuff and grow your resilience.

Here's What You'll Achieve:

A profound change in your life
...and you'll begin to heal in a way you never thought possible.

It actually starts with something you already have…the desire to live more authentically and to be the best you be more resilient.

Here's how you'll achieve it:

Lesson 1 

Defining Trauma

A Personal Perspective

This is your life, your story. Tough life situations cause a variety of trauma (physical, emotional, bystander, your own trauma). This video looks at them in-depth.


Lesson 2

Trauma and Your Brain

Trauma can cause lasting, physical changes in your brain and your body. We look at trauma research and explore what that means to you, including repressed memories, and what to expect as you uncover your past.


Lesson 3 

Processing Your Past: How Your Life Stories Help Overcome Trauma

Don't just put on a happy face. The key to true healing is remembering and writing your tough life stories to put them out of your head and into the past where they belong.

Lesson 4

Freewriting and Boosting Your Resilience

Freewriting is a great way to transitioning from trauma and boost your resilience. What can you do moving forward? I'll show you how.


The Art of Remembering to Forget:
Why Write a Story You Never Want to Publish

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