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Life Storytelling Workshop: How to Rise Above Your Tough Life Stories and Live Your Life Without Guilt and Shame

A Powerful Way to Heal, Overcome, and Move Forward from Trauma, Abuse, and other Tough Life Experiences

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In This Workshop



How to rediscover the vibrant, beautiful person you once were...

Discover how to gain insight from the stories of your life, become more resilient, and live the life you were meant to!


How to use your life story as a guide to find healing and live life to its fullest...

Here's the real problem you're facing...your past often dictates how you operate in the world today. Let's change that!


Discover and implement the wisdom you've learned from your tough life experiences...

Leverage those tough life stories to strengthen your internal compass and implement small but powerful actions that will make big waves of change.


This workshop is for you if:

✔️ You’re curious and excited about digging into your life story to uncover the mysteries, and your hard-won wisdom within

✔️You want to explore your unique qualities, unleash your stories, and emerge resilient and joyful.

✔️You’ve been through some tough stuff and are tired of feeling embarrassed and powerless. You’re ready to gain confidence.

✔️You’re ready to take your experience, emotions, and pain and give it a voice. That voice is going to heal you and help you move forward!

"The things I have learned from Stacy will help me on my healing journey. "

Sandy J

Are you ready to understand what led you into a tough relationship and what kept you there?

Have you gone through something tragic and continue to get triggered? 

Have you minimized or ignored emotional pain yet it continues to haunt you?

Writing through and about your tough stuff will help you move forward into a more resilient and joy-filled life! 

Won’t you join me to start on a new journey of discovery?

Survivor of Abuse and Trauma and Your Instructor: Stacy Brookman

Years ago, I married someone that I thought was the love of my life. Turns out that man was a sociopath. Ten years of emotional turmoil climaxed in threats, criminal activity, and devastation..  

Through the simple act of writing, I found a coping mechanism of which laid the foundation within me where resilience was built. I regained my sense of self worth, confidence, and the courage to leave that marriage. 

Armed with knowledge and skills, I took my first step on the path towards healing. I am much wiser and stronger because of writing and taking the time to really learn the dynamics behind abuse. 

I have since made it my mission to guide and help others in similar situations to use writing as a tool to overcome negative emotions and to heal. I'm very passionate about leading people to tell their life story because I personally know how cathartic and liberating it can be.

I am here for you and if you are ready to reach out and grab this opportunity, do it! I can’t tell you how much I wished that this type of connection was available when I needed it the most in my life.


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